workshop welcome to: Please step inside. I am pleased that you are interested in visiting my workshop. I am happy to show you where the clocks  are made.  Inside my workshop (~ 45 m2), you can find numerous big machines, racks, cabinets, and more. But why explain this all in words - pictures say more than a hundred words: In one of the two connected rooms, I complete  sanding, grinding, and painting works and much  more. The long bench is often covered with tools and wood chips. The key equipment are an angle grinder  for the rough work and a sander using up to 220 grit  sandpaper for finer work. I also often use a Dremel,  a flexible shaft or belt sander. Dust is always  plentiful and thus I usually run the loud industrial  vacuum cleaner rod. I get lots of sunlight through  the large windows, and the addition of neon lighting  allows an objective assessment of wood and  grinding conditions. Too bad that the machines often drown out my good  music, which is mostly country music. The band saw is located in the other  connected room. Using a very narrow blade  I can cut very tight corners with my band  saw. The saw is from Germany, but I can  also get suitable saw blades for it here in  Canada. The crosscut saw is used for  sawing boards and staffs. The setting for the  degree of adjustment is often advantageous  with this kind of work. I am proud of the old scrall saw which used to belong  to an old carver in the Black Forest (Germany).   I bet it would have never thought it would make its  way this far one day. With this machine you can make a very fine cut  without  sawing into the wood (as you do with a band  saw). You drill  a small hole (3 mm) into the piece of    wood and tighten a saw blade into it. After sawing, it  needs to be loosened again. The large diameter of the  saw table and the bow allows working with large  pieces of wood. The open shelving provides an overview  of  the mounted wood boards (I could  already need   more space). The table saw is used for the rough groundwork.  It enableslong cuts, and has a useful setting to adjust the angle.  Please do not laugh about my pink armchair - it is   really great. A good friend (Elmar) brought it to me once as a gift for the  workshop. It can rotate and rocks. Sitting here, I often have the best ideas that I then sketch out. This is where I allow myself a break and sit down to have a smoke. Here's a view from the back room to    the front. You can recognize the  industrial vacuum cleaner and the  small work table in the center. I have it covered with carpet, so I can   grind the wood carefully. Through the window I can see our horses.  Sometimes they peek through the window  and wonder what I am working on now. I hope you got a little insight into my work environment (I even cleaned up the workshop for these pictures).   It's definitely a lot of fun being creative in such an ideal environment. I often forget the time until the cell phone rings - " food is ready."