infos Surely you have already taken a glimpse at the photo gallery. I hope you like the clocks.     Most of them are unique and custom-made.   They are something special.    Maybe the gallery and the virtual visit in my workshop left you with a feeling to be creative yourself.  Perhaps you are even a bit of a hidden artist (or even a great ?). It is a very rewarding feeling to be  able to create wood art starting from a simple sketch of an idea.  For me, ideas change constantly while I am  working on a piece and the end result is often quite  different from what I had originally imagined. But that is what makes it a little  exciting - seeing how  a new project evolves and I am able to  influence the process.     If you have experienced this feeling, but you simply do not have the time or available workspace and  resources to be creative, I have an idea:     Why don't you come to our ranch and take a vacation? This way you can combine seeing beautiful  scenery with creative beauty. I am happy to provide you with space in my workshop and will give you  advice on how to get started. I assure you it's worth the consideration!     If I've sparked some interest, have a look at our Beaver Guest Ranch  I would be happy to work with you.   Something else about clocks in general: The clock is a timepiece - it shows how late it is. A clock says if it's already too late, or if you still have enough  time. Unfortunately, we tend to get a bad feeling, a feeling of rush whenever we look at a clock. In reality, we always have the same  amount of time - the time we choose. It's up to us how we choose  to spend it and what we do to enjoy it. On that note, I would like  to quote a beautiful poem by Elli Michler, which, by the way, I  will enclose with each order as an expression  (ideal as a gift):