about me
I am happy to introduce myself. Well, it all started when I was born on April 10th, 1959 in Mönchengladbach (Germany). Working with wood runs in my blood; even my grandfather and father were woodworms. For many years, I taught chemistry, physics and mathematics to future chemists (which really has nothing to do with wood, but at that time I already had a wood workshop). As manager of the chemistry education department at a large chemical company in Switzerland, I was responsible for the training of laboratory assistance. In 2001, I moved to Canada with my family. Here we are living happily ever after, and me and my wife Bettina operate the Beaver Guest Ranch in the beautiful Cariboo. Our guests can enjoy riding through the woods, canoeing on lonely lakes, fishing and much more during the summer months. Increases in the winter months I am happy to dedicate the woodworking. The rest and a good workshop will allow me to work creatively and edit the material wood. Since I have “clocks”always fascinated, I set up my main feature of these objects. It's fun to produce "art", which also have another benefit.
about me
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